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What is it? Translate your video content into multiple languages using our advanced video translation software, which features complete voice cloning and lip-sync.

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Verbalate™ is designed to translate and localize audio and video content into various languages, with its advanced AI dubbing, voice cloning, and lip sync technologies.

This software stands out as an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of audio and video content creators, ranging from YouTubers to professionals in legal, medical, and educational fields.

Verbalate offers a seamless blend of full AI translation and human translation services, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for your audio and video content.

Verbalate™ Features

Audio & Video Translator

Both audio and video formats into other languages, enabling you to reach a more diverse audience with your audio and video content.

Voice Clone

AI voice clone with just a minute of audio. Experience unmatched accuracy in 29 languages and over 50 accents, using the most advanced voice cloning AI technology available.

Lip Sync

Ensure that spoken words perfectly match the lip movements of on-screen performers. Align the audio track seamlessly with the visual elements to maintain realism and engagement. Effective lip syncing greatly enhances the viewer’s experience, rendering the performance more natural and convincing.

Editable Subtitles

Unlock advanced AI translation capabilities with your SRT files. Edit these files to correct any inaccuracies or change words as needed. Achieve superior translation accuracy.

Back Translation

Ensure the accuracy of translations by translating them back into your own language. It is important to maintain high quality in translations. The quality of our translations should be equal to or exceed that of the generated back translations.

Background Sound Preservation & Removal

Preserve background sound or remove it entirely to either maintain the original impact of the source material or enhance speech clarity by eliminating any interfering noise.

Multilingual Avatar Twins (Creator & Enterprise)

Create your digital twin using our multilingual avatars, complete with voice cloning. Speak in various languages to effectively convey your message to a global audience.


Verbalate™ revolutionizes content globalization with its state-of-the-art AI translation, dubbing, and voice cloning technologies, catering to a wide range of creators.

This software seamlessly combines advanced AI with human precision to deliver unparalleled accuracy across audio and video content.

Features like voice cloning in multiple languages, effective lip sync, editable subtitles, and sound management, alongside innovative multilingual avatar twins, make Verbalate™ the ultimate tool for reaching and engaging a global audience.

Ideal for YouTubers, and professionals in various fields, it ensures your message transcends language barriers without losing its authenticity.

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