Meta AI’s Llama 3 AI Chatbot Tutorial

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Meta AI Llama 3 Tutorial Video


In this blog post, I am going to focus on Meta AI and its news AI chatbot, Llama 3.0 which works like ChatGPT.

I’ll give you a focused overview of what it is, its use cases, model details, how it compares to other AI LLM competitors, and most importantly, how you can start using it for free.

What is Meta AI with Llama 3?

Meta is the parent company behind popular big apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook.

CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the launch of Meta AI and Llama 3 on April 18 2024, which they claim to be their most capable large language model yet with range of usecases.

Meta AI is positioned as a direct competitor to ChatGPT with open to chat in text and generate images, offering a similar chat-style interface.

It’s also comparable to other AI models like Gemini and Microsoft Copilot, but with some unique features that set it apart like editing of generated images and animating those images.

Meta AI Usecases

According to Meta, Llama 3 has a wide range of use cases and they focused on the following, including:

  • Asking for advice
  • Brainstorming
  • Classification
  • Closed question answering
  • Coding
  • Creative writing
  • Extraction
  • Inhabiting a character or persona
  • Open question answering
  • Reasoning
  • Rewriting
  • Summarization

It covers all the basic functionalities you’d expect from an AI chatbot. You can use it to write and generate text, ask questions, and even generate and animate images (more on that later).

Llama 3 Model Details

Llama 3 comes in two different sizes: 8B and 70B.

The 70B model is the most recent and capable one, released on April 18, 2024.

The main differences between the two are:

  • Parameter size: 8B vs. 70B
  • Context length: 8K for both (meaning it can understand up to 8 characters or tokens when replying to your query)
  • Knowledge cut-off date: March 2023 for 8B, December 2023 for 70B

While the context length is still a bit limited compared to other models on the market, it’s still a significant size for Llama at this stage from it’s previous models.

Compare Llama 3 vs AI Competitors

Meta AI comparison

In the comparison provided by Meta, they pit the 8B model against similar open-source, free models like Gemma and Mistral, and the 70B model against more competitive options like Gemini Pro and Claude 3 Sonet.

However, it’s worth noting that they don’t compare Llama 3 against industry leaders like ChatGPT 4 or Claude 3 Opus. This suggests that while Llama 3 may outperform similar models, it’s still lagging behind the top contenders in the AI space.

How to Use Meta AI with Llama 3 For Free?

Using Meta AI with Llama 3 is very easy. Simply open up any web browser in your device and head to website.

If you have a Facebook account, it’ll save your chat & image generation history for you so you can come back in later date.

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with a chat window where you can ask questions or generate text, and an “Imagine” section for creating, editing & animating images.

How to Fix Meta AI isn’t Available Yet in Your Country?

One important thing to note is that Meta AI isn’t available in all countries yet. If you see a message saying you can’t access the chat or Meta AI, don’t worry! The solution is simple: just use a VPN or proxy.

Connect to a server in a supported country, refresh the page, and voila – you’re in!

Meta plans to roll out support for more countries soon, so even if you don’t have access now, keep an eye out for updates.

Generate, Edit and Animate Images with Meta AI

One of the coolest features of Meta AI is its ability to generate images based on your prompts.

But it doesn’t stop there because you can also edit those images as many times as you want and even animate them!

To create an image, just head to the “imagine” section in chatbot and type in a prompt like “a person riding a motorcycle.” Meta AI will generate four to five different image options for you.

From there, you can click on an image to expand it, view it in full-screen mode, and edit, modify or regenerate it based on new prompts.

The animation feature is particularly impressive. With just a click of the “animate” button, Meta AI will create a simple 1-2 second frame animation of your image.

AI animate

It’s not Pixar-level animation, but it’s a unique and fun feature to play around with, especially considering it’s all available for free.

Animation is also unique right now in AI space.

Future of Meta AI & Llama 3

Meta has big plans for the future of Meta AI and Llama 3.

In the coming months, they’re planning to introduce:

  • Longer context windows (beyond the current 8K limit)
  • Additional model sizes
  • Enhanced performance
  • Sharing of the Llama 3 research paper
  • More details on open source and partnership opportunities

They’ve also mentioned that Llama 3 will soon be supported on popular cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and more, as well as hardware platforms like AMD and Intel.

It’s still early days for Meta AI and Llama 3, but the future looks bright. As Meta officially enters the AI race alongside giants like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI, we can expect to see some exciting developments in this space.

So, what do you think about Meta AI and Llama 3? Have you tried it out yet? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. And as always, thanks for reading – catch you in the next post!

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