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What is it? AI-powered tool developed for students to help them find reliable sources for their essays and research projects.

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Introduction is an AI-powered tool developed for students to help them find reliable sources for their essays and research projects. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily search for and access a wide range of sources.

The tool saves time by providing accurate and relevant sources, and it also offers a pro version called SourcelyPRO, which provides users the ability to find academic sources given the text of unlimited length, as well as help them get a summary of reference and export them.Users can paste their entire essay into the tool to get better search results and directly visit the sources.


Get Credible Summaries

Save time and effort by obtaining a concise overview or summary of source material.

Export References

Save time and ensure accuracy by exporting your sourced references in various formats, simplifying the creation of citations and bibliographies.

Find Sources

Click the button, and witness Sourcely locate all suitable sources for you.

Free PDF Downloads

Sourcely also provides users with the option to download free PDFs of many listed sources.

Advanced Filters

Refine your source discovery by applying advanced filters, such as publication year, authorship, relevance, and more.


Here are some possible use cases for the app:

  • A student who needs to write a research paper on a topic they are not familiar with can use the app to find relevant sources, summarize them, and cite them properly.
  • A journalist who wants to cover a breaking news story can use the app to quickly gather information from various sources, synthesize the main points, and write a concise article.
  • A teacher who wants to prepare a lesson plan on a new subject can use the app to access diverse and reliable sources, extract the key concepts, and create a presentation.

Conclusion is praised for its effectiveness in enhancing research and writing skills, and it is trusted by various academic institutions.

The tool is beneficial for students looking to enhance their writing skills and improve their research efficiency.

It is also useful for professionals engaged in various industries to gather reliable and pertinent literature for their reports and presentations.

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