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What is it? Marketplace to facilitate the buying and selling of micro-sized SaaS Startups focused on Cloud and AI.

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Pricing Model: Paid

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SaaSquare is a premier marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of micro SaaS startups.

It solves the problem of finding reliable, curated startups for acquisition by providing a secure platform with integrated escrow and post-sale support.


  • Curated Startups: Only 3 out of 10 submitted startups are approved, ensuring high-quality investment opportunities.
  • Fast and Secure Acquisitions: SaaSquare offers a hassle-free transaction system tailored for micro acquisitions, with an average sale time of 8 days.
  • Integrated Escrow: SaaSquare holds the buyer’s payment in escrow until all transaction conditions are met, providing security for both parties.
  • Transparent Transactions: The platform offers complete visibility into the payment process, enhancing trust between buyers and sellers.
  • Post-Sale Support: Buyers have access to technical support and consultation services to assist with the integration of the acquired startup.


What is the average sale time on SaaSquare?

The average sale time on SaaSquare is 8 days.

How does SaaSquare ensure the quality of listed startups?

SaaSquare approves only 3 out of every 10 startups submitted, ensuring that buyers can choose from the very best investment opportunities.

What is the success rate of deals on SaaSquare?

84% of deals on SaaSquare are closed successfully after being listed for a month.

How does SaaSquare handle payments during the acquisition process?

SaaSquare holds the buyer’s payment in escrow, safeguarding funds until all transaction conditions are met. This ensures security and transparency for both parties.

What kind of support does SaaSquare provide after the acquisition?

SaaSquare offers technical support from the seller for a predefined period and consultation services to assist with the integration of the acquired startup into the buyer’s environment.

How this AI Tool Used For Business?

A business owner looking to expand their portfolio can use SaaSquare to discover promising micro SaaS startups.

By leveraging the platform’s curated listings and secure acquisition process, they can identify a startup that aligns with their growth strategy.

SaaSquare’s integrated escrow and post-sale support ensure a smooth transition, allowing the business owner to focus on scaling the newly acquired startup and realizing its potential.


SaaSquare is a game-changer for businesses and investors seeking to acquire micro SaaS startups.

With its curated listings, secure transaction process, and post-sale support, the platform streamlines the acquisition journey and empowers buyers to make informed decisions.

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Start exploring SaaSquare today and take your business to the next level!

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