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What is it? AI for researching and applying to Universities. Check if a University is a good fit for you, predict your chances of admission, write your application essays, and much more.

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Reach Best is an app for helping high school students research and apply to Universities using AI. Tens of thousands of students use our app to:

  1. Check if a University is a good fit for them
  2. Predict their chances of admission
  3. Write their application essays

They built Reach Best to help students make decisions confidently and stress-free as they choose and apply to colleges.

Story Behind Reach Best

Ryusei founded Reach Best at 17 in order to help his friends and himself be better prepared to apply to Universities. Applying during the COVID-19 pandemic as an international student from Tokyo, he realized there was a huge problem of transparency and uncertainty with college admissions systems. So, in July 2020, he built the first algorithms to predict chances of admission to reduce students’ anxiety with University applications, setting the foundation for our mission to build AI for students.

In May 2023, we expanded our product line to support high schools establish AI-powered University placement programs. After a series of pilots, we realized that schools and formal education institutions are the best way to bring AI into the hands of students, so we decided to launch our School App. We see schools as one of the vital components for advancing the standardization of AI-assisted Education.

We envision a future where students can absorb centuries’ worth of knowledge with a click of a button. We envision a future where humans no longer go to school to memorize and re-learn past generations’ knowledge, but rather to dream and pioneer new frontiers of understanding from day one.

Reach Best AIs Will Help You

  • Choose your Universities
  • Predict your chances of admission
  • Write your application essays

Reach Best Usecases

  • Match with Universities
  • Predict chances of admission
  • AI essay review

You can start for free and upgrade to a paid plan as you progress. In the free tier, you’ll be able to access our entire centralized database and analysis tools for college requirements and reviews.

Once you’re ready, you can upgrade to a paid plan in order to match with Universities, chat with AI personas of successful college applicants, and get AI essay reviews.

Their grander vision is to help schools and individuals transition from human-driven education to AI-driven education. The first problem they are tackling is helping schools phase out legacy Career & College Readiness software to adopt a new generation of personalized AI college counseling solutions.

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