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What is it? The easiest to use SDK for developing and training ML models.

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Supported Platform(s): API, Service

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A revolutionary cloud-based platform called Lumino AI was created to make the creation and training of machine learning( ML) models easier and quicker.

Lumino AI aims to lower ML training costs by up to 80% and give users access to GPUs that are not found anywhere else by utilizing a user-friendly SDK and a global cloud infrastructure.


Lumino AI has a number of features that make it a desirable option for engineers and firms looking to optimize their ML procedures.

These features include:

  • Build models using post: configured templates or provide your personal custom models with the simple- to- use SDK. build in a few hours.
  • Autoscaling: With instant autoscaling, idle time is eliminated. Never run out of compute.
  • Pay per training job: Radically less expensive, only paying for the compute you use.
  • Data privacy: Keep data private and have complete control over it according to your wishes.
  • Complete accountability: trace all models using cryptographically verified proofs.
  • GPU rental: Rent out your GPU and make money from it, enabling you to easily monetize your underused resources.


What is Lumino AI?

Lumino AI is a fog- based program designed to make machine learning model development and training easier and faster.

How does Lumino AI lower the cost of ML training?

Lumino AI offers access to GPUs unmatched elsewhere and a pay-per-trainer-job pricing model, which reduces ML training costs by up to 80%.

Is Lumino AI simple to use?

Well, Lumino AI offers a straightforward SDK that enables developers to create designs using pre- configured designs or to create their own unique designs.

Can I use Lumino AI to rent out my GPU?

Well, Lumino AI makes it simple to hire out your GPU and make money, making it a great way to utilize upunused tools.

Can Lumino AI be audited and transparent?

Yes, Lumino AI offers real-time, auditable models with proofs that have been verified cryptographically.


In conclusion, Lumino AI is a game-changing platform that simplifies and accelerates the development and training of machine learning models.

With its easy-to-use SDK, autoscaling, pay-per-training-job pricing, data privacy, transparency, and audibility, Lumino AI is an attractive solution for developers and organizations looking to streamline their ML workflows.

To learn more about Lumino AI and how it can benefit your organization, visit their website.

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