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What is it? Cover letter creator use artificial intelligence to create customized cover letters using details from users' resumes and the specific job requirements.

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What is it?

JobBuddy is a cover letter creator that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to effortlessly create fully customized and individualized cover letters using details from our users’ resumes and the specific job requirements.

With a selection of professional templates, JobBuddy also streamlines the formatting procedure and grants users the convenience of downloading the final result in either Word or PDF formats.

Through constant user feedback and the integration of ChatGPT 4 for enhanced responses, JobBuddy is always improving to ensure its users are producing high-impact cover letters and resumes for their job applications.

JobBuddy Users

Custom Cover Letters

Find the perfect cover letter format for your needs. Whether you prefer a concise sample or a comprehensive template, we’ve got you covered.

Interview Preparation

Benefit from JobBuddy’s personalised interview question sets, designed to help you effectively answer questions based on your resume and the job description.

Impeccable Grammar

Bid farewell to grammatical errors in your resume cover letter and other important documents.

ATS-Optimized Resumes: Our visually appealing resumes are also optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring seamless compatibility with any system.

JobBuddy vs. ChatGPT

JobBuddy is a platform that offers a data-backed, tailored approach to cover letter writing. Unlike generic platforms, JobBuddy uses cover letter examples based on feedback from thousands of successful job applications. It focuses solely on helping users achieve their dream jobs.

To provide the best service, JobBuddy integrates multiple models, including ChatGPT 4 for natural prose, GPT-3.5 for larger token capacities, and custom Davinci models for fine-tuned results. This ensures that users receive high-quality cover letters by leveraging the strengths of each AI technology.

JobBuddy offers a cost-effective solution compared to directly using high-end models like ChatGPT 4. By leveraging its userbase, JobBuddy can access expensive models at a more affordable price. The basic tier is free, and the JobSeeker tier costs only $5 per month, while accessing ChatGPT 4 independently can cost around $20 per month.

To create cover letters that pass applicant tracking system (ATS) filters, JobBuddy analyzes each job description to extract relevant keywords. These keywords are then naturally embedded into the language of the cover letter, optimizing it for ATS software.

With JobBuddy’s cover letter templates, users have flexibility and convenience. The platform offers carefully selected templates that are ATS and recruiter friendly. Once the cover letter is generated, it can be easily downloaded as an editable Word document or PDF, saving time on copying, pasting, and formatting.

JobBuddy also provides impeccable organization for all career documents related to each job application. Its features, such as favoriting, deleting, and downloading responses, make it superior to ChatGPT, especially when managing multiple job applications using the task board tool. This eliminates the need to search through conversation history.

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