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What is it? Empowering you to make healthier food choices with AI

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The FoodIntake tool uses scientific methods to monitor dietary intakes. It utilises unbiased, moderated food databases such as Open Food Facts and Food Data Central.

It ensures secure data storage, giving users complete control over their data. The tool features AI food analysis and tracking and is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Let’s take a look at FoodIntake review.


Your Ultimate Calorie Counter & Nutrition Tracker

The FoodIntake tool revolutionises dietary management with its cutting-edge scientific approach to food tracking.

Leveraging the power of AI and extensive food databases like Open Food Facts and Food Data Central, FoodIntake offers unparalleled accuracy and ease of use in monitoring nutritional intake.

Track with Precision

Whether the user is aiming for healthy weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining their current weight, FoodIntake’s calorie tracker and macronutrient calculator provide personalised daily energy and nutrient ranges.

The app ensures a balanced diet that aligns with the user’s health goals, making it the perfect tool for their daily nutrition and diet needs.

Explore Your Food

The FoodIntake tool connects users to the most extensive database of branded foods. Its AI-driven food tracker and calorie counter scan feature analyse foods with precision.

Users can modify ingredients based on the trusted Food Data Central database to tailor their meals perfectly.

Achieve a Healthier You

The FoodIntake tool helps users understand the nutritional value of their meals with its Nutri-Score and macronutrient data. It helps users discover the processed levels of their favourite brands, check for allergens, and more.

It’s more than a calorie tracker; it’s a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Lot of Functionalities

The FoodIntake tool is packed with user-friendly features like the barcode scanner for calories, making it easier than ever to track what users eat.

Whether they’re using the calorie deficit calculator or the protein counter, FoodIntake has everything they need to stay on top of their nutrition.


Embracing the smart way to track eating habits with FoodIntake, the comprehensive calorie counter AI, and nutrition tracker, is designed for everyone aiming for a healthier life.

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