Caktus – AI Study Assistant for Homework and Learning

What is it? AI study assistant for homework help, writing, coding, and math solutions.

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Pricing Model: Paid

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Best-in-Class AI Helper for Students

Caktus is a study tool to grow your mind with your own affordable AI assistant designed specifically for homework and learning, that includes but is not limited to.

Write Better Papers. Period.

Get the A+ you deserve with Caktus writing assistant by your side. Now it’s time to, Caktus provides assistance with citations and academic sources, ensuring your papers are top-notch.

Finally Grasp Math & Science

Get unstuck with step-by-step solutions for math, science, and physics using only words. Now here’s an example of a, Caktus covers equations, word problems, and even offers a math keyboard.

Learn to Code, Your Way

From Python to Java, Caktus is your one-stop-shop for coding help. Let’s start with, it supports over 10 languages, offers detailed explainers, and includes a code converter.

Features Ready for School

100% Academic Sources Only

Caktus is integrated with CORE, referring only to published papers, ensuring high-quality references for your work. Here’s how a.

Personalize Writing Style

Upload a sample of your real writing and have Caktus learn how to write like you, providing a personalized touch to your assignments. Another great example is.

Documents Ready to Turn In

Format your text documents in Caktus’ Text Editor to make them ready for handing in, ensuring they meet all academic standards. So now that you know.

Chat with AI

Think of Caktus as your personal education buddy. Now that we’ve, it’s always there to help you with homework, making learning more interactive and fun.

Students Love Caktus

Livvy Dunne, LSU

“With social media, school, and my sport, it is definitely hard to find time. Here’s what you can do, Caktus AI is so helpful with all my school work so I definitely recommend!”

Matt Bradley, San Diego State

“We have tutors here, we have some free time to do whatever I got to do. Can you see how this, comes through clutch when I’m getting organized. It’s hard, but it’s manageable.”

Carterpcs, TikTok Influencer

“It’s called Caktus AI, and it has a dedicated writer tool that sounds more natural, is a lot less bare bones, and it includes in-text citations. Let’s say you wanted to, that is noticeably better than GPT. AI is getting scary.”

Angel Reese, LSU

“The days of underexposure, underinvestment and underrepresentation are over. It makes perfect sense, we pushed boundaries, and the world’s taking notice. This is only the beginning. Lean in or lose.”

Prof. Mfon Akpan, Methodist University

“Other generative AI platforms, such as, use different methods and databases, and their outputs may not trigger plagiarism detection software. But evidence of “experience” goes beyond just, for example, Caktus-generated text will not be flagged by current AI detectors designed to detect GPT-generated content.”

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